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This branch of evidence-based medicine (based on scientific studies results) considers patient Lifestyle as central in Prevention, Management and Therapy of chronic diseases, the leading cause of death on the planet.

The clinical principles of this new specialisation are evidence-based and include lifestyle changes in the fields of NutritionStress and EmotionsPhysical ActivitySocial support and Environmental exposures.  

The Lifestyle Medicine Consultation is essentially focused on Health Education and on Healthy LifeStyle Education, in a scientific interdisciplinary context, offering personalized educational and therapeutic programs.



The European Lifestyle Medicine Organization, The American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association define Lifestyle Medicine as:

"Lifestyle Medicine is a branch of evidence-based medicine in which comprehensive lifestyle changes (including Nutrition, Physical Activity, Stress Management, Social Support and Environmental Exposures) are used to prevent, treat and reverse the progression of chronic diseases by addressing their underlying causes. Lifestyle medicine is often prescribed in conjunction with pharmacotherapy and other forms of therapy. Lifestyle medicine interventions include counseling, screening and clinical application of lifestyle modifications (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, TLC)."

 The four major areas covered by Lifestyle Medicine are:


 This a new concept of consultation. The patient is considered in an holistic way. The consultation will then take into consideration different aspects of the patient Health Status, without any priority. 

It is therefore an INTERDISCIPLINARY intervention, where each specialist contributes with its expertise in a circular design in which each contribution has the same weight and importance for the processing.

To give an example, diabetes, metabolic disease by definition, will be treated not only with nutritional advice and movement but also with psychological, social and environmental changes.

 It is a holistic clinical approach.

Many recent scientific studies have shown that adopting a healthy Lifestyle is not only able to prevent chronic diseases, but can also stop the progression of these diseases.


What are the Lifestyle related Diseases?

- Cardiovascular Diseases (heart attack, stroke)

- Some types of Cancer

- Type 2 Diabetes 

- Obesity

- Neurodegenerative Diseases (Alzheimer)


Worldwide there are 3 scientific societies of Lifestyle Medicine focusing on promoting healthy lifestyle changes and educating professionals and public to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent chronic diseases.

In this section you will find the links for the websites ELMO (European Lifestyle Medicine Organisation), ACLM (American Society of Lifestyle Medicine) and ASLMA (Australasian Lifestyle Medicine Association).