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Indoor Pollution

Mens sana in corpore sana and domino salubri

People Health is linked to the world where they live.

We take up to 90% of our breaths between the four walls where air, materials, noises and colors affect our health as a state of physical, mental and social well-being.

Today the relation between prevention and health not only affects the tools that every doctor knows: drugs, diagnostics, vaccines but also in a broader sense, the awareness of the elements of the confined environment with which we live every day.

This integrated approach allows to explore the same problem from different points of view that can no longer be ignored.

MedinVita through its ArchinVita division looks at an independent and multidisciplinary research in which medicine, epidemiology, materials sciences and indoor environment collaborating side by side.

The air inside the buildings is more dangerous than the outside air because indoor physical pollutants (electromagnetism, noise, radon radioactive gas produced by the underlying soil), biological pollutants (such as viruses, fungi and bacteria where they proliferate in humid environments such as heating and air conditioning, water tanks) and chemical pollutants (voc, formaldehyde, benzene, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur, carbon monoxide and fine dust), electromagnetism and noise, are added to the exterior ones that remain trapped .

The sources of indoor pollutants are the combustion processes for cooking and heating, laminate and vinyl floors, covering and carpet materials, stucco, concrete panels, thermo-acoustic insulation materials, pressed wood furnishings, paint and solvent colors, products for cleaning, copiers, wifi, electronic equipment, cigarette smoke, air conditioning systems, dust, individuals and animals

The effects on health on adults but especially on children and elderly people are upper airway irritation, headache, fatigue and rash, stress, sleep disturbance, asthma, bronchitis, allergic diseases, legionellosis, aspergillosis, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, tumors.

ArchinVita operates through a screening on indoor air quality in order to have knowledge of the space in which the person lives and the way the body reacts to its own actions. Subsequently we evaluate how human action alters the surrounding environment, the quality of life, where the problems resulting from indoor pollution are generated and how they can be solved.